Professional Services:

Professional Services:

Professional Services:

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At Storm Facilities Management we translate the high-level, strategic change required by senior decision makers into day-to-day reality for people in their work or living space.


Storm integrate the planning and management of a wide range of services both ‘hard’ (e.g. building fabric) and ‘soft’ (e.g. catering, cleaning, security, mailroom and health & safety) to achieve better quality and economies of scale.


We also offer a fully comprehensive Health and Safety Consultancy service with industry accredited specialists to ensure that your business is exercising your duty of care towards your employees and client base under Health and Safety legislation and not putting them at risk.



We understand that each client is different and every building will have different facilities management needs, Storm will build a service based on your individual needs.

Soft Services is an area where each and every business or client will have different needs or requirements. We will advise on what is necessary and negotiate and find the right contractor, price, schedule, service & solution to suit your business needs.

Staff Cost savings: We can look at all aspects of the hard and soft services, review the facilities services provided and suggest ways of saving you money. We can work alongside current parties to ensure a seamless work flow.

Hard Services is an area where assessment of the initial requirement is key to a successful delivery; specifying the wrong equipment or opting for the wrong contractor or partner can often result in substantial loss to the business or partners.

This is only a selection of the work that we can provide - For more information about any of the services we offer please contact us on 01793 421302 and arrange a free, no obligation assessment of your needs.

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